7 Top Foods that help to stop hair loss

We are all aware that many products are available in the market to treat hair loss problems, but do you know that you can also fight against hair loss by changing your lifestyle especially your diet.

Hair is one of the part of our body. So, a balanced diet is important to grow healthy hair. Just like other parts of our body, hair needs nutrition to survive. Now, you need to remember that your body will serve all the nutrition from your food intake to essential organ and tissues first before sending it to your hair. Hence, the need to take foods with high nutrition that can help to stop hair loss are crucial. However, ff you already on a unhealthy diet, chances are you might  not notice any effect on the hair that you can tell. So, you need to try changing our diet with foods that help to stop hair loss. Lets look at these top food which will probably save your crowning glory.

 1. Blueberries

First up on our list is blueberries. This fruit contain lots of nutrition and very rich in vitamin C. Insufficient vitamin C in our body will result in occasional hair breakage.  Vitamin C improves blood circulation in your body including scalp and help to support small vessels that feed the hair follicles.

Alternative: Strawberry, Tomato and Kiwi


2. Spinach

Besides Vitamin C which is essential for hair growth, spinach contains Vitamin b, Vitamin E, iron, folate, calcium and beta carotene. All these nutrition combined will help improve blood circulation including scalp and grow healthy hair follicles.

Alternative: Kale and broccoli


3. Walnut

Next is on the list is walnut. Walnut is one of the nuts that are rich in vitamin B1 and omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamin E and Biotin. Biotin or also known as vitamin B7 can improve hair thickness and helps to regrow healthy hair. Too little of biotin present in human body can lead to hair thinning. Besides, walnut will make your hair look shiner because of the copper that present in it. Walnuts also are proven to help protect your cells from DNA damage.

Alternative: Walnut oil


4. Egg

Believe or not, egg actually can save your hair because it contains biotin which is essential in strengthen and regrow hair. Lack of sufficient biotin is known as one of the reason for hair loss.


5.  Lentils

Lentils are made of zinc, iron, biotin and packed full with protein which are important for hair regrowth and maintaining healthy hair.

Alternative: Beans and green peas


6. Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acid are very important for hair because a part of hair shaft are actually made of it. Since our body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids naturally, you need to introduce it in your daily diet. For food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, look no other than salmon. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and it also contains protein and vitamin D which is very helpful for strong and healthy hair.

Alternative: Mackerel Fish


7. Sweet potatoes

Having a snack of sweet potatoes  occasionally can give you strong hairs. It contains beta carotene, which will convert to vitamin A in our body. If your body don’t have sufficient vitamin A, you might will experience dry itchy scalp.

Alternative: Carrot

Changing your diet certainly can help you to put hair loss under control, however don’t expect a world of difference by just following this approach alone in combating hair loss. You still need to use other treatment and methods in conjunction with changing diet to achieve maximum result that you desired. One of best way to stop hair loss and maintain existing hair is by using hair loss products, such as Rogaine, LLLT, And Hair loss Shampoo.

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