About Me

Hi, my name is barat. Im the founder of this website. I created this website to help hair loss sufferers with tips and recommendation about stopping hair loss and regrow hair.

Im not a expert in hair loss but being a hair loss sufferer myself, i had almost tried all hair products on the market that sounds legit. I also have tried most of natural remedies for hair loss.

I started to notice hair loss at the age of 25. I was clueless why i was losing hair and thought it was just temporary and it will soon subside. But, it never get better. I was keep losing my hair and i knew i need to sort it out before  too late. I did tons and tons of research about hair loss and found out that i need to visit a dermatologist to confirm the cause of my hair loss eventhough i already knew the possible cause beforehand. I realized, that male pattern baldness does run in my family history, so it might be the culprit.  Soon , I visited a dematologist who did confirmed that im suffering from male pattern baldness, which is a genetic hair loss. . So, i immediately began treatment for hair loss. I tried several hair loss product and changed my lifestyle. After these changes and treatment, i was still losing my hair initially. However, after few months my hair loss stopped. I notice some hair regrowth and since then able to maintain most of my hair till today.

I would proudly say that i been able to halt my hair loss and regrow some hair. So, i would share with you on how to overcome hair loss problem from my own experience and research i did based on studies on which treatment proven to work by hair loss experts.

​Hopefully you will find this site helpful for any issues you are facing related to hair loss.

Thank you.


Founder of stophairlossguide.com