How To Stop Hair Loss In Women? Check Out These 7 Ways That Will Work

Hair loss can be a very stressful and embarrassing problem for many women who are dealing with it. It will make them feel very insecure and self conscious as hair gets thinner and scalp become more and more visible than ever before. Even though hair loss are often associated with men, the truth is there are many women who are facing this problem as well. According to American Association of Dermatology, over 40% of women will experience hair in some stage of their life eg during pregnancy, menopause and etc. Now the good news is that most of this hair loss are often temporary and completely reversible with life style changes. Let me walk out through steps you can take on how to stop hair loss in women and potentially regrowth some hair.

1.Eat a well balanced diet
I cannot deny the importance of consuming foods with which are rich in vitamins, nutrition, and minerals for aiding with hair loss. You are what you eat, so your health including hair growth are in direct correlation with your diet. Foods which are loaded with protein, zinc, iron and vitamin B12 are essential for healthy hair and scalp which promotes hair growth. Ensure to include salmon, egg, tuna, green vegetables, nuts and lean meats.


2.Get rid of Hot tool
Avoid or cut back on using any tool that will heat your hair, whether is it for drying, curling or straightening. Too much of heating is bad for hair as it can damage the hair strand and cause it to break. Much worse, thinner and brittle are much more easier to break.


3.Learn to Overcome Stress
Are you aware hair is indirectly related to stress? Stress is one of the culprit for hair loss as it releases a hormone called cortisol which activate hair shedding. Learning ways to cope with your stress is a smart step in fighting hair loss. Getting enough sleep, relaxing, meditation and exercise can help to reduce stress.


4.Keeing Scalp healthy
Scalp is the base of hair where roots of hair are grown. So keeping the scalp healhy means your hair follicle will be stronger. Consider doing regular massage to your scalp. You can massage your head when you are in shower after applying shampoo. You can use essential oil such as lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang, chamomile, cedar and etc to massage your scalp whenever possible. Simply massage all over your head in circular motion. Scalp message can improve blood circulation and reduce stress thus promoting healthy hair growth.


5.Beware of Chemical Processing
You need to be very careful of anything you put or apply on to your hair as it will affect hair growth in a positive or negative way. Applying any chemical on your hair whether it is hair lightning, bleaching or straightening is probably is not a very good idea. Chemical can be harsh to your hair, as it will weaken the hair shaft and cause it to fall. If you already experiencing hair loss, then you should avoid using chemical on to your hair as it will further accelerate hair thinning.


6.Avoid Overstyling
Try to limit Over-styling of your hair if you can’t get rid of it altogether. Hairstyle such as pony tail, braids, dreadlock are shown to cause significant​pressure on hair when it is pulled back causing hair follicles to weaken and eventually fallout. Apart from that, the use of extension also can cause  noticeable hair thinning because the glue used to attach hair extension to a person’s hair can damage her hair shaft.


7.Consider Using Hair Regrowth Products
Since hair loss is a major cosmetic problem for women, there are hundred of thousand of hair loss products in the market. Hair regrowth product mainly comes in the form of pills, topical treatment and Laser therapy. One product might work better than the other varies from person to person. Check out my recommended hair loss products to better understand and decide which hair loss products better suits you. Using hair loss products is the best way to stop hair loss as these hair loss products are backed by studies and even some of it are approved by FDA.

However, if the hair loss problem still persist even after month of following this steps, please consult a dermatologist to find out the reason for your hair loss. It always better to be examined by experts to diagnose hair loss when your are clueless about your hair loss.

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