Women Rogaine Reviews

Name: Women’s Rogaine

Price: $31.99 (4 Months supply)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: 120-Days Money Back Guarantee

My Rating: 9.0 Out of 10

What is Women’s Rogaine

First ever Rogaine, which is a brand name for minoxidil was officially released in 1988 as a treatment product for hair loss after it was initially used as a medicine for high blood pressure. Before minoxidil was released for hair loss, it was only used in the form of tablet for treating high blood pressure. The patients that were using minoxidil noticed more hair growth as the side effects, including to scalp area which was bald for quite sometime. So, Rogaine created a liquid formulation of minoxidil for hair loss to replace the previous tablet minoxidil which was used for high blood pressure. The liquid formulation of minoxidil was created to focus hair growth on scalp area only whereas the previous tablet version of minoxidil could cause unwanted hair growth to other parts of body. In 1992, Rogaine introduced Rogaine for women, a unique minoxidil solution specially for women. In the beginning, only 2% minoxidil liquid solution was available for women, then 5% extra strong minoxidil also was made available.


Does it works?

This is the question asked by most people, ‘does women’ Rogaine works’. The answer is yes for most people. Since everybody  is different, you need to tryout this product to see if it works for you. Nonetheless, this product is backed by multiple studies to further reaffirm its effectiveness. Being in hair loss market for over 3 decades is another indication that this product truly works. A product that does not work won’t survive this long in the market.

A study was carried out in 2004 on the efficacy of 5% minoxidil vs 2% minoxidil vs placebo on 381 women (aged between 18 – 49 years old). The result of study clearly shows that 5% minoxidil is more efficient than 2% minoxidil and 2% minoxidil is significantly more efficient than placebo in terms of 3 measuring point which are scalp coverage rating, nonvellus hair count from baseline and treatment benefits.

This study is just one of multiple studies that proves Minoxidil is indeed effective in treating hair loss in women.


How to apply?

The method of women’s Rogaine application is significant to determine the it’s effectiveness. Hence, proper Rogaine application as per instruction in the product packaging label is a must.


Women’s Rogaine Foam

1. Apply Women’s Rogaine foam once a day daily

2. Open the Rogaine container by matching arrow on the can ring with the arrow on the cap.

3. Part your hair to maximize scalp exposure.

4. Hold the can upside down and press the nozzle to dispense half a capful of foam on to your palm.

5. Apply it to your scalp focusing on thinning area.

6. Gentle message the area of application until the rogaine absorbs completely.

7. Wash your hand and style your hair as us usual.


Women’s Rogaine Topical Soution

1. Apply women’s Rogaine topical solution twice a day daily.

2. Part your hair in the middle.

2. Squeeze the dropper provided to take up 1ml of Women’s rogaine.

3. Apple to your hair starting from back to front of scalp by again squeezing the dropper.

4. Gentle message your scalp will applying rogaine to allow for better absorption.

5. Wash your hand thoroughly and let the rogaine to dry.


Important Information

1. You might experience hair shedding when you first start using women’s Rogaine, because it will push weak and old hair out and new hair growth will come through.

2. Apply  women’s Rogaine as per instructed, applying more or often won’t hasten hair growth.

3. If you received any chemical treatment to your hair, avoid using women’s Rogaine on the same day.

4. Do not apply women’s Rogaine to a wet hair, your hair must be dry or at least damp/towel- dried.

5. Do not apply women’s Rogaine to any other part of body other than scalp.

6. If you missed applying a dose of women’s Rogaine, apply as soon as possible and do not apply extra dose to try to make up for the missed dose.

7. Seek medical attention immediately if you accidentally swallow this medicine.

8. Avoid taking this medicine if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

9. Do not use this product if your family don’t have a history of hair loss and if your hair loss is patchy and sudden.

10. Stop using this product if you experience change in hair color or texture,


Side effects

The side effects associated with women’s Rogaine is minimal and usually rare. Some of the side effects reported while using this product are:

  • itchy scalp
  • Increased facial hair growth
  • Burning sensation at scalp
  • dizziness
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Chest paint
  • Fainting
  • Swelling of face, hand, or feet
  • Numbing of face, hand or feet
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Headache


Pros and cons


  • Safe to use
  • FDA Approved
  • minimal side effects
  • Easy to apply
  • Product Price is affordable
  • Available in multiple forms: Topical solution and foam
  • Comes with 120days Money back guarantee



  • Continuous usage is a needed
  • Won’t work for everyone
  • Requires months of usage to see results


What to expect

You might experience hair shedding when you first start using women’s Rogaine, because it will push weak and dead hair out and new hair growth will come through in it’s place. With regular once a day application, you can expect result within 4 months. For some women, result can be soon as early as 2 months but for some, it may take up to 6 months to see results. Once you achieved desirable result, continuous usage of this product is a must as you will lose whatever you gained if you discontinued usage.



This product comes with a 120 days money back guarantee, when you purchase from amazon.com. The manufacturer are so confident with this product as they promise you “satisfaction guranteed”. If you are unsatisfied with this product after using it as per directed, you can ask for full refund of you money within 120 days.


Final thought

Overall, there is no many better product in the market when it comes to women’s hair loss other than Women’s Rogaine. It has minimal side effects and still remains as the only approved product by FDA for women’s hair loss. Although this product won’t work on every women, it comes with a 120 days money back guarantee, so you can try this product literally risk-free to see if it  for you or not.  The result of hair growth when using this product is ​​simply so good that it can be a life changer for women who suffers with hair loss.

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